Bristol 24/7 Interview with the curators of Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter 

List Wright RWA, ‘After The Masked Visitor’, 2015

Bristol 24/7 have interviewed Marie Mulvey-Roberts and Fiona Robinson, co-curators of the upcoming exhibition Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter, taking place from the 10th December at the RWA in Bristol.

In the interview, Mulvey-Roberts and Robinson discuss topics such as Carter’s interest in fairy tales and the Gothic, her literary influences, important art forms and artists that fed into her work, and her connection to Bristol. For example, speaking of Carter’s relationship to art, Mulvey-Roberts notes that Carter had

“posters on [her] wall of the pre-Raphaelite artist John Everett Millais’s Ophelia, whose drowned heroine is the obsession of the doomed painter Annabel from her novel Love, set in Bristol.”

Similarly, Robinson notes towards the end of the interview that many of the contemporary artists exhibiting at Strange Worlds “tap into the darker side of Carter’s narratives and her explorations of gender, violence and sexuality”.

Head over to Bristol 24/7 to read the interview in full.

For more on Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter click here.

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