World Poetry Day with Angela Carter

To celebrate World Poetry Day, here is a poem by Angela Carter, taken from Unicorn: The Poetry of Angela Carter, edited by Rosemary Hill.

Unicorn - Poem about Cat

To read more of Angela Carter’s poetry, you can purchase a copy of Unicorn from Profile Books by clicking here. As the book’s blurb puts it:

Despite being one of the most influential – and best-loved – of the post-war English writers, Angela Carter remains little-known as a poet. In Unicorn, the critic and historian Rosemary Hill collects together her published verse from 1963-1971, a period in which Carter began to explore the themes that dominated her later work: magic, the reworking of myths and their darker sides, and the overturning of literary and social conventions. With imagery at times startling in its violence and disconcerting in its presentation of sexuality, Unicorn provides compelling insight into the formation of a remarkable imagination.

You can also watch a short video clip below, courtesy of the London Review Bookshop, in which Rosemary Hill discusses Carter’s poetry.

Unicorn Cover and back

Lastly, Carter’s poem ‘Two Wives and a Widow’, a modern version of William Dunbar’s poem and which appears in Unicorn, can also be read at The London Magazine. Indeed, this poem was was originally published in The London Magazine in March 1966.


Happy World Poetry Day!


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