Marie Mulvey-Roberts Radio Interview with Miranda Rae

Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts, Associate Professor of English literature at UWE, was recently interviewed for Ujima Radio’s programme The Word with Miranda Rae. Mulvey-Roberts spoke at length about Angela Carter, “one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century” as she put it, and in particular about the time she spent in Bristol in the 1960s. As she¬†explains:

“Carter wrote three novels that have become known as the Bristol trilogy because they’re actually set in the city. It’s quite exciting reading her books and figuring out the landmarks. One of the characters goes to the Bristol City Museum and is standing in front of the gypsy caravan and the Irish elk.”

Mulvey-Roberts goes on to discuss a number of other topics, including The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, the recent RWA Strange Worlds exhibition, and her interest in the Gothic. To listen to the full interview, which starts at 50:14, click on the video below:

To find out more about various events happening in Bristol to celebrate Angela Carter’s time in the city, head over to the Get Angela Carter website here.

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