J.G. Ballard on Angela Carter: “[She] was tremendous fun”

On the 18th February 1992, only two days after her death, BBC 2’s The Late Show featured a short segment dedicated to Angela Carter, including an interview with her friend J.G. Ballard. He had this to say about her:

“Angela was tremendous fun … she was enormously amusing, witty, good company. … She had an irreverent spirit … and there was a touch of the friendly witch about her. I remember sitting in her kitchen as she cooked something up, and hearing her sort of cackling laugh and seeing her wicked gleam in her eye as she thought of some mischievous idea. … I think she made people nervous because she was quite an ambiguous figure. It was never clear where exactly she stood on any topic, and this was what made conversation with her so interesting, that she had this irreverent intelligence… Nobody was more down-to-earth than her, but nobody recognized as strongly as she did that woman can also be an enchantress… I’ll miss her enormously.”


Thanks to David Pringle for bringing this to my attention.

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