‘The Snow, The Crow, The Blood’ by Layla Holzer

Photo by Layla Holzer

A new exhibition of work inspired by Angela Carter is now available to view at the Coexist Gallery, at Hamilton House in Bristol. Designed by Cardiff-based illustrator Layla Holzer, the exhibition consists of “paintings, paper cuts, objects, and puppet films, all inspired by a selection of Carter’s work”, including ‘The Bloody Chamber’ (1979), The Passion of New Eve (1977), The Magic Toyshop (1967), and other stories from across Carter’s oeuvre. “Focusing particularly on themes of gender, animal-human relationships, metamorphosis and fairy tales, the exhibition will present a fresh, contemporary exploration of Carter’s ideas and take them beyond the page”.

Photo by Layla Holzer

‘The Snow, The Crow, The Blood’ will be available from the 3rd until the 14th February 2017 at Hamilton House and entry is free. For more information head over to Hamilton House’s website here. For more on Layla Holzer’s work, take a look at her website here or email at her enchant@laylaholzer.com.


Layla Holzer is an illustrator based in Cardiff who studied a BA (hons) in Illustration and an MA in Art and Design at Cardiff School of Art and Design. She specialises in ink paintings, paper cuts, puppet making/performance and film. Her primary research interests include fairy/folk tales, psychoanalysis, gender conflict and puppetry/objects.

Photo by Layla Holzer

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