Edmund Gordon: Live Webchat for the Guardian 

On Friday 24th February, Edmund Gordon took part in a live webchat for the Guardian, answering questions about the life and works of Angela Carter. The author of The Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography answered a broad range of questions, including the question of Carter’s favourite authors, how to categorise her stories in The Bloody Chamber collection (“modern fairytales”?), her reaction to the cinematic adaptations of her work, and how Gordon now feels about his subject after spending five years writing a biography of her life.

Screenshot of live webchat with Edmund Gordon for the Guardian

Gordon also discussed with readers Carter’s anger at not being considered for the Booker prize, her plan for a “very sulphurous and over-the-top” novella based on the character of Adele from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, and her views about female sexuality and feminism. At one point, Gordon was asked about what drew him to Carter’s writing style and he responded with enthusiasm:

“I’ve always loved her prose, the intelligence that crackles through every line she writes, her sense of humour, her imaginative wildness.”


To read the full discussion, head over to the Guardian website here. To find out more about and to purchase a copy of The Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography, visit the official Penguin books page. Edmund Gordon has also recently launched his own official website at edmundgordon.com. Finally, the read my exclusive interview with Edmund Gordon, click here.

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