Cerys Knighton’s Illustration for Nights at the Circus 

Nights_at_the_Circus_coverCerys Knighton, a Cardiff-based illustrator, has produced a fantastic dotwork illustration inspired by Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus (1984). A few months ago, I contacted Cerys to ask her if she would be interested in creating something based on the writings of Angela Carter, after I came across her beautiful dotwork illustrations on Facebook. Cerys responded immediately and was excited at the idea, suggesting Nights at the Circus as a text that resonated strongly with her. In the slideshow below you can see the result. Cerys has produced a fantastic piece that plays on the central ambiguity of Carter’s novel: is protagonist, aerialiste and bird-woman Fevvers “fact or fiction”? Cerys also draws out (pun intended!) the association with the myth of ‘Leda and the Swan’, which is actually a recurring motif in many works by Carter, including not just Nights at the Circus but also The Magic Toyshop (1967).

Take a look at Cerys’s wonderful illustration below and also check out her other pieces on her Etsy page and on her Instagram account. I would like to thank Cerys for responding to my suggestion with such enthusiasm and for taking the time to produce such an amazing artwork.

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Cerys Knighton.jpgCerys Knighton is an MA student at Cardiff University researching representations of mental illness in literature and medical case notes. Cerys also works as a book illustrator, translator and manuscript editor for a publishing company and completes art commissions on a freelance basis. Her personal illustrations are available through her Etsy art shop and most of her work is shared through her Instagram page.

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