Receiving | Perceiving Angela Carter


As part of the ongoing celebrations for Angela Carter, who died 25 years ago, a multi-disciplinary conference in Lisbon this week celebrates the 40th anniversary of her visit to Portugal. Receiving/Perceiving Angela Carter is actually the third instalment in the “Receiving | Perceiving English Literature” project, the first and second instalments focused on William Blake and William Shakespeare. As one of the conference organisers, Maria José Pires, notes, Carter’s first visit to Portugal was in early August 1977, and in an article for New Society she described her stay as ‘something gripping, twelve days of exhibitions, debates, films, performances and God knows what else besides’ (“Bread on Still Waters”, New Society). At Receiving/Perceiving Angela Carter, a “multidisciplinary group and guests read Carter from diverse areas of knowledge – as literature, translation, gastronomy, design and music – confirming how her work potentiates diverse forms of reception.” To find out more about this exciting conference, you can browse the programme here or head to the main page here. The Facebook page also features a number of videos and photos from the conference, so be sure to have a look by clicking here.


Maria José Pires and Ricardo Bonacho’s video, ‘The Bloody Chamber: A Taste of Angela Carter’, will also be on display. To watch this fantastic and gastronomic interpretation of Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, click here.

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