Angela Carter Bookclub

Angela Carter Bookclub Logo 4
Angela Carter Bookclub logo (original image by Adam Hayes for Vintage edition of Angela Carter’s Shaking a Leg)

I am excited to announce a new feature for Angela Carter Online: the Angela Carter Bookclub (ACB). The club will meet once a month at a venue in Bristol and we will read texts from across Carter’s entire oeuvre including novels, short stories and essays. For those people who would like to join the club but who do not live in Bristol, there will be an opportunity to share your thoughts with other readers via the website and its social media spaces. I am currently in the process of finding a venue for the club but will announce details of this as soon as they become available. Once the venue has been confirmed, I will also publish a (tentative) reading schedule, though this is something that members will have a say in at our meetings. For now, please register your interest in joining the club so that you can be added to the Angela Carter Bookclub mailing list. You can contact me in the following ways: 1) use the contact form on this website, 2) private message me on Twitter @AngelaCarterFan, or 3) message me through the Angela Carter Online public Facebook group. I look forward to hearing from you all soon and to our first meeting of the ACB.


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