Deadline Extended for CFP – The Bloomsbury Handbook to Angela Carter

The deadline for sending in an abstract for the Bloomsbury Handbook to Angela Carter has just been extended to 15th February 2021. Celebrated scholars Sarah Gamble and Anna Watz are looking for contributors for this exciting new volume of essays, which will be published by Bloomsbury Academic Press in 2022. If you would like to contribute an essay to this book, please read the Call for Papers below and send your abstract in by the 15th Feburary.


The Bloomsbury Handbook to Angela Carter

Sarah Gamble and Anna Watz, eds.

We are seeking contributors for a new volume of essays on the work of Angela Carter to be published by Bloomsbury Academic Press in 2022, The Bloomsbury Handbook to Angela Carter. This will be a major publication of about 200,000 words in length and involving around 30 contributors, which aims to showcase new approaches to, and examine new directions within, the study of Angela Carter’s work. She has now achieved the status of a major British author, whose writing is translated, taught and critiqued across the world: this handbook will both acknowledge her importance to the field of literary studies and open up new areas of debate regarding her impressively rich and wide oeuvre. As such, we want this volume to feature a dynamic mixture of both established and emerging Carter scholars.  

The volume will be comprised of c. 25-35 previously unpublished articles of between 6000-8000 words apiece and will represent the cutting edge of research being done in this field. At present we are thinking of structuring the volume around the following key themes and so are particularly interested in work being done in these areas: 

  • Obituaries and memorials 
  • Posthumous publications and reprints.  
  • New biographical details 
  • Discovery of new works (eg: poetry) 
  • Pornography 
  • Gender performativity 
  • Violence and desire 
  • Carter and the 4th wave/activism 
  • Folk music  
  • Art movements and artists 
  • Politics 
  • Science Fiction 
  • The short story form 
  • Carter as narrative innovator 
  • Lexis and linguistics 
  • Fiction vs non-fiction style 
  • Carter’s drama 
  • Poetry 
  • Reception in other countries 
  • Influence on women’s writing 
  • Carter in translation, adaptation 
  • Ecocriticism, animal studies
  • Posthumanism 
  • Race/colonialism 

This collection will showcase cutting edge research in and creative approaches to the field and we aim to involve the most interesting established and emerging scholars, so this list is likely to be subject to change depending upon submissions received. With this in mind, if you are working on something broadly relevant but that does not fit neatly within any of these categories, we would still be interested to hear about it and can take a view as to whether it may fit alongside other essays in an as yet flexible structure.  

We very much hope you’ll be part of this collection, and if so we ask for a 200 word abstract of a new, unpublished essay by 15th February 2021. Once the proposal has been accepted, selected contributors will have a year to write and submit their essay.  

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