Fan Art Inspired by Angela Carter

Emily Temple, over at Literary Hub, has just published an article entitled “50 Fascinating Works of Angela Carter Fan Art” which, unsurprisingly, features fifty works of art inspired by the writings of Angela Carter. The only criterion used in selecting these pieces was that they must not have been used “as official art for any of Carter’s books”. Temple also notes that many of the pieces were submitted to “the 2012 competition, hosted by the Folio Society, to illustrate a new edition of The Bloody Chamber“. I’ve reproduced a few of these fantastic pieces below, but do check out the others by clicking here.

Iro Tsavala - Company of wolves
The Company of Wolves by Iro Tsavala
Nights at the Circus - Emma Block.jpg
Nights at the Circus by Emma Block
The Company of Wolves - Emily W. Martin.jpg
The Company of Wolves by Emily W. Martin
The Erl King - Laura Bifano.jpg
The Erl-King by Laura Bifano

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