Angela Carter at the 2018 Bath Festival


This year’s Bath Festival will feature a discussion of Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber. Hosted by Backlisted Podcast (John Mitchinson and Andy Miller), this literary podcast will focus on Carter’s most famous collection of short stories from 1979, many of which were conceived and/or written while she lived in Bath. Hosts Mitchinson and Miller will be joined by novelist Rachel Heath, critic Arifa Akbar and the festival’s artistic director Alex Clark for what will surely be a scintillating conversation. The event will take place in the Assembly Rooms on the 23rd May from 5-6pm.


This year’s Bath Festival runs from the 11th to the 27th May. For more information about this and other events, as well as to book tickets, head over to the official website by clicking here. To listen to Backlisted Podcast’s work, head over to their page on SoundCloud. Lastly, to read a recent piece that I wrote about Angela Carter’s Bath connections, click here.

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