English Heritage unveil blue plaque for Angela Carter

English Heritage page for Carter's blue plaque.png
The English Heritage website for Angela Carter

At long last, English Heritage have unveiled a blue plaque for Angela Carter at her last place of residence, 107 The Chase in Clapham, London. Carter lived at 107 The Chase from 1976 until her untimely death on 16th February 1992. As the English Heritage website observes, three of her most famous and beloved works were all published while she lived in this house: The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (1979), Nights at the Circus (1984) and Wise Children (1991). Regular guests who visited Carter at the house included J.G. Ballard, Ian McEwan, and Salman Rushdie.

To find out more about Carter’s life and works while living at 107 The Chase, head over to the English Heritage website page by clicking here.

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