Stream Marvellous Machine’s The Tiger’s Bride

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As most people throughout the world are currently quarantined or self-isolating, many are looking for new ways to spend their expanded free time at home. Many book publishers, video streaming services, and other media organisations have made a limited range of materials free to access for the next few months. Angela Carter enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that one theatre company has now provided an option to stream one of it’s productions of a story by Carter. Marvellous Machine‘s excellent adaptation of Carter’s ‘The Tiger’s Bride’ (collected in The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories) is now available from their website.

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories 2
James Marsh’s cover design for The Bloody Chamber

One of the consequences of quarantining and isolating is that the closure of all public venues has had a devastating effect upon freelance workers of all kinds, including actors and musicians. Although many governments across the globe are providing financial support of some kind or other to the self-employed, many of the latter are still experiencing a significant shortfall in their regular income. Therefore, Marvellous Machine are asking for a small donation if you would like to watch their production of ‘The Tiger’s Bride’ in order to raise money to support many of the freelancers involved in this wonderful project. Please head over to their website by clicking here and please kindly donate to this fantastic and independent production company. At a time of crisis, we need to come together to support those most in need, including those people who contribute to the enrichment of our daily lives.

To find out more about Marvellous Machine, have a look at their website and read my interview with the talented duo behind the company by clicking here.

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